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Sodium (Potassium) Isoamyl Xanthate

CAS Number: 2720-73-2
Molecular Formula: C5H11OCSSK
Structural Formula:

A yellowish or pale grey powder or pellet with a pungent odour,soluble in water.

Principal uses:
Potassium isoamyl xanthate is a strong collector. It is widely used in the flotation processes of nonferrous metallic minerals where a strong but a non-selective collector is desired. It is a good collector for the flotation of oxide minerals, eg.: oxidized sulfide, copper and lead ores. Copper-nickel sulfide and auriferous pyrite etc also require potassium amyl xanthate as flotation collector.the refining Of zinc electrolyte and as sulfidation promoter of rubber.


Item Drying Synthetic
  Pellet Powder
Potassium amyl xanthate %≥ 90.0 90.0 83.0
Free alkali %≤ 0.2 0.2 0.5
Moisture and volatile %≤ 4.0 4.0 __
D (mm) 3~6 __ __
L (mm) 5~15 __ __
Period of validity (month) 12 12 6
Packing 120kg/steel drum, 900kg/plywood box,50kg/plastic woven bag 110kg/steel drum,50kg/plastic woven bag 130kg/steel drum,50kg/plastic woven bag

Storage & transport: To be protected from damp, torrid sunlight and fire.


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