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Dithiophosphate Ibs

CAS Number:53378-51-1
Major component: Sodium diisobutyldithiophosphate
Molecular Formula: (C4H9O)2PSSNa
Structural Formula:

Yellow to dark-brown aqueous solution, rather stable chemically, no pungent odour.
Principal uses:
Dithiophoshate IBS is an effective collector for gold ore and silver, copper, zinc sulfide ores. It displays weak collective power to pyrite in alkaline circuit. This reagent has little frothing property.

Item Index
Sodium diisobutyl dithiophosphate content % 49~53
PH 10~13
Packing 170kg/steel drum, 200kg/ plastic drum
Storage & transport To be protected from water, torrid sunlight and fire, no lain down, no upside down.


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